John F. Clark, Ph.D, C.E.C., Creativity Coach

How I work as a Creativity Coach

John Clark, creativity coach.

As a life coach specializing in creativity coaching, I work with mature and committed creative people—writers, musicians, and artists—by helping them to expand their horizons. They are usually people who have a project clearly in mind; sometimes they are people who have unrealized or undeclared dreams or goals.

I ask powerful questions leading my clients to expand their minds and explore their own possibilities. I provide support, structure, accountability, and encouragement for my clients. I create a space within which they open up to new possibilities and creative innovation.

“My work as a life coach specializing in creativity coaching has been a source of joy to me. It has opened up new avenues working with people whose needs have often been neglected in the past. My many years as a university professor and graduate advisor constantly informs my work as a creativity coach” John F. Clark, Ph.D. , C.E.C.

How will this work for you?

We begin our work together by creating a partnership between us.

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